Price of the Return

Dutation 12′ 20″

Movie preview

Europe provided a wide range of opportunities for studying art to the young artist Mykola Hlushchenko. Being abroad, he was supported by the last Ukrainian hetman Pavlo Skoropadskyi and former Prime Minister of Ukrainian People’s Republic Volodymyr Vynnychenko. They fostered the young talented artist’s patriotic feelings towards Ukraine, which he was forced to leave in 1918. Hlushchencko desired to come back to his native land. What was the price of the return? About this – in the documentary series “The Game of Fate” by VIATEL Studio narrated by Natalka Sopit.

  • Script by  Tamara Bojko
  • Narrations Natali Sopit, Taras Denysenko
  • Directed by  Oleg Turansky
  • Director of photography Georgij Kryvoshejenko
  • Sound Maxim Demydenko
  • Editor Oleg Tudoran
  • Make up  Zhanna Betrozova
  • Music De Wolfe Music
  • Camera Oleksandr Demydenko
  • Executive producer Halyna Kryvorchuk
  • Producer Vasyl Viter


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