Life In The Arms Of Flowers

Kyiv reg. Yahotyn, Bohdanivka
Duration 14′ 55″

Movie preview

Probably, that woman had a soul of a bee. An ordinary human could not see the world the way Kateryna Bilokur saw it. Many men could not take his eyes off the black-browed beauty Kateryna. But the girl had only one dream – to become a painter!  Kateryna Bilokur entered this world unnoticed, and left it decorated with the flowers on her paintings. Her works were exposed at the World’s Fair in Paris, but Katria spent all her life in Bohdanivka village near Yahotyn town. Find out about the story of the lonely life of Kateryna Bilokur and her dedication to creativity – in the documentary series “The Game of Fate” by VIATEL Studio narrated by Natalka Sopit.

  • Script by  Vasyl Obraz
  • Narrations Natali Sopit, Taras Denysenko
  • Directed by   Vasyl Obraz
  • Director of photography Georgij Kryvoshejenko
  • Sound   Oleg Golovoshkin
  • Editor Oleg Tudoran
  • Make up Maria Pilunska
  • Costume LAURA  ASHLEY
  • Music De Wolfe Musi
  • Camera Oleksandr Demydenko
  • Executive producer Halyna Kryvorchuk
  • Producer Vasyl Viter

The shooting took place at:

– at the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Pyrohovo

We used:

the reproductions of paintings by Kateryna Bilokur the H.S. Pshenychnyi Central State Film and Photo Archive of Ukraine documents
– the fragments of the film “The Wild” by Ukrtelefilm Stud directed by Viktor Vasylenko

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